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Gospel Tool

The Gospel Tool Sticker

The Gospel Tool Sticker

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The Visual Gospel is a resource to help us recall seven key elements of the good news of the Kingdom. It is a tool that is useful for our own discipleship and for sharing the Gospel with others. It gives an easy way to share the gospel in its fullness from creation to Christ’s return.

This sticker allows you to take The Visual Gospel with you wherever you go, on your phone, water bottle, computer, or other personal items. With this sticker, you can walk someone through the Gospel using the seven symbols as explained on The Good News tab of the website. 

Order in bulk and give these stickers away as a way to share the Gospel with others. They are a great resource as you are out for a walk, at the store, at work, or at home with your neighbors. Be sure to direct others to follow the web link on the sticker to find out more!

Add this attractive sticker to your collection today!

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